2021 Training Update

Rio Grand Rail-Trail near Carbondale Colorado

Colorado’s Roaring Fork river valley served as the culminating highlight of 2021 training rides. A converted railroad line provides a spectacular 42 mile car-free trail between Glenwood Springs and Aspen Colorado. Riding the trail back-and-forth, plus an 18 mile jaunt to Snowmass ski resort makes for breathtakingly scenic century ride. An absolutely perfect way to train for this year’s continuation of my coast-to-coast challenge, which will feature several Rails-to-Trails rides thru Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Trail bridge over the Roaring Fork river

Aside from the scenery, a very alluring sign appeared at mile 90. Almost like a message from heaven…

A sign from heaven?

Of course I stopped in for a pint, figuring it was fairly well deserved. And free cold water to boot! The friendly barkeep (and trusty bar-dog assistant) at Ball Brewery served up a delicious cream ale that helped power me to my starting point of Carbondale and a family rendezvous. This ride, along with about 1400 miles of 2021 biking, should be good prep for more cross-county travel by bike. Next up, Sioux Falls!

C2C Day 13 – Burley to Pocatello, ID

Another great day for a bicycle ride.  Come to think of it, every day is a good day for a ride – perhaps some days are just a bit better than others.

Cool enough for a light jacket this morning, even on the last day of June.  Winds were light, as was traffic on the farm roads and open cattle ranges we cycled through.  One lonely old stretch of highway was so open and peaceful, the ride transcended into a zen-like experience of being totally engulfed in the barren sage landscape.

I stopped at an interesting landmark called Register Rock.  Early pioneers who traversed this way carved their names and messages into a large boulder along the Oregon Trail. Sort of an 1850’s version of instagram or facebook.  The historic rock is smartly fenced off to prevent modern travelers (or cyclists) from registering their own messages.

More crossings of the slowly meandering Snake River highlighted the rest of the ride into the town of Pocatello – which marks the end of this year’s segment of my Coast-to-Coast bicycle adventure.  I hugged goodbye to my fellow cyclists and thanked the America-By-Bicycle staff for their awesome support.

Next year, my ride will start from here in Pocatello, Idaho and extend another two weeks and 1,088 miles to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


Tomorrow I load the bike on top of a car and drive back home with AJ and Jackie.  It’s been an incredible two week journey, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the daily blogs.


C2C Day 12 – Twin Falls to Burley, ID

More tailwinds, and even cooler temperatures today.  Lovin’ those 70s – especially when I hear about triple-digit temperatures back in Denver.  An easy 45 mile cruise through irrigated fields of potatoes, beets, wheat and lavender – with a few detours to see Shoshone Falls and Twin Falls.  Shoshone Falls (pictured) is the prettier of the two.  Twin Falls is actually now just a single… one of the twins was dammed for hydroelectric power.  Ah, the price of progress.

We crossed back over the Snake River Gorge on the Hansen Bridge.  Before the original bridge was built in 1919, this 16 mile stretch of river gorge could only be crossed by rowboat.  The 900 foot bridge, suspended nearly 400 feet over the Snake River, accommodated two lanes of farm wagons as well as those newfangled automobiles that were starting to gain popularity.  The cost of the bridge in 1919?  $100,000.  Ah, the price of progress only 99 years ago.

Undoubtedly, the best part of the day came at the finish in Burley, where I was cheered on by my welcoming team of Jackie and AJ.  They got to meet fellow cyclists and experience firsthand this crazy ‘travelling summer camp’ atmosphere.  Jax and AJ also witnessed the results of a scavenger hunt competition as teams creatively vied to win over the judges with team photos, spotting of Where’s Waldos, and collecting interesting items from the side of the road today, among other challenges.  They’ll be staying with me tonight, but maybe not getting up with me at 5:30 for breakfast.

img_0525Tomorrow will be my last Coast-to-Coast ride for 2018.  87 miles to Pocatello, a farewell dinner with the rest of the crew, and one more night in a Best Western Hotel before the car ride home with my wonderful support team of AJ and Jackie.  I’m already looking forward to next year.


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