C2C Day 23 – Rapid City to Wall SD

Have you been to Wall Drug? It’s about 58 miles east of Rapid City, by bike. If you are unable to make it to Disneyland, Wall Drug is a close second. Or maybe a very distant second. A tourist mecca built around the concept of free ice water.

All the rivers on the tour this year have been running high and strong. Rapid Creek, which flows through Rapid City, was no exception. We had to make a few bike path water detours on our way out of town in the morning.

The worlds smallest biker bar happens to be in New Underwood South Dakota (according to the locals). Along with the other Dan on the tour, we were going to stop in to celebrate our Dan-ness – but alas, the bar wasn’t open. I’m not sure there was enough room inside for the two us anyway.

We did some riding on the Interstate highway today. I-90 offers a nice wide shoulder, and traffic was not too heavy. Even so, it’s not the most relaxing bike ride. It was only for about 10 miles, with a nice rest area for a quick bio stop.

A wicked thunderstorm is rolling through Wall as I write this. Evening storms are fine. Let’s hope it clears out by daybreak, for tomorrow, we ride through the badlands.


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