C2C Day 25 – Murdo to Chamberlain SD

A hot and humid 73 miles into the town of Chamberlain. I recall doing a similar late July ride across Iowa where a favorite saying was “It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity”. A high dewpoint made for some foggy glasses. Thankfully, morning clouds kept temperatures somewhat tolerable.

Most of the day was spent on an old, little used highway that runs between train tracks and interstate. Quiet and peaceful. Green and wet from heavy spring snow and rain. Some singing birds and an occasional rumble of farm machinery.

Vivian, Presho, Kennebec, Reliance and Oacoma were named places on the way. Some towns only have a building or two – some occupied, some abandoned, and some you just can’t tell.

Eventually, the turning wheels came upon a wide Missouri river and our destination town of Chamberlain across an old steel bridge.

Fried chicken and pot roast for dinner at the Anchor Grille & Shipwreck Lounge where Margie has been serving hungry cyclists since 2001. She is a favorite regular stop on the yearly tour, and most of us will be stopping in for breakfast tomorrow morning to fuel up for another day of riding.


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