C2C Day 43 Goderich to Guelph ON

G2G Trail, Goderich Ontario

A beautiful day for a 145 kilometer ride, 132 of which were on one trail. An abandoned rail line connecting Goderich to Guelph has been transformed into a trail thanks to determined work from towns, counties, and volunteers. It’s known as the G2G, slicing a linear path through forests, farmland, rivers, streams, and small Canadian towns.

Maitland River

Local folks are proud of the trail, investing their time and money to maintain this beautiful pathway for townspeople and visitors alike. I ran across one farmer who was digging out weeds. His corn, soybeans, and wheat are all maturing late this year due to below-average rainfall this year – so a delayed harvest means time to volunteer on the trail.

G2G Trail Volunteer

And an old covered bridge is also part of the G2G trail. The West Montrose Covered Bridge, also known as the “Kissing Bridge”, is one of the oldest covered bridges in Canada, built in 1880-1881.

Today’s ride finished in Guelph, which calls itself the ‘Royal City’. Feeling like Royalty tonight thanks to a stay in a stately Victorian-Style guest house. Tomorrow is on to the town of St. Catharines and Lake Ontario.

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