Coast-to-Coast Adventure

And so it begins… a quest to cycle across America.  Every Fantastic Inch.  From Oregon to New Hampshire.

2018 will feature a 950 mile run from Astoria, Oregon to Pocatello, Idaho.  Two weeks of riding, averaging about 80 miles a day.  More segments to be tackled in future years.

Today was a warm-up ride of sorts, a 26 mile out-and-back from the Columbia river town of Astoria to the Pacific beach sands of Fort Stevens State Park.  Beautiful weather, and a beautiful ride.

I’m with a touring group called America By Bicycle, along with about 40 other riders from across the country and around the world –  Tampa, San Diego, Boston, Phoenix, Chicago.  Australia, Holland, Italy, Canada.  I’ve met several already, and look forward to meeting more as we bond as a traveling family.

A great start on ‘Day 0’.  Tomorrow features an 81 mile ride through the lush Oregon coastal forests to the town of St. Helens.  Talk to you then.




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