C2C – 2019 Training Update

Hello Blog, time for a 2019 training update. Over 1900 miles logged in preparation for the next segment of the Coast-to-Coast ride. I’m feeling pretty good, especially after an epic Colorado ride from the foothills town of Evergreen (7,500 ft) to the Summit of Mount Evans (14,130 ft). Cycling up the highest paved road in North America is sort of a right of passage for crazed Colorado cyclists, and a litmus fitness test for both legs and lungs.

Mount Evans Summit: 14,130 ft. above sea level

Oxygen becomes somewhat scarce at 14,000 feet above sea level, especially when you are mashing pedals up a 6% grade. Even trees have a hard time breathing air up here, so they generally prefer to hang out below 12,500. On a bike, there is no shame in stopping a few times to catch a breath – as long as your oxygen-depleted brain remembers to apply the brake so you don’t roll backwards, or topple sideways down a rocky mountainside.

At the summit, a celebratory feeling of triumph washes away any climbing pains – and nodding smiles are exchanged with a few other congratulatory cyclists. While the hoard of motorists stare wide-eyed at us strange lycra-clad aliens and ask the remarkably dumb yet well-meaning question: “Wow, did you ride your bike all the way up here?”

So with a mountain summit, a city century ride, dozens of weekend jaunts, and scores of commuting trips – I’ll hopefully be able to keep pace with the 2019 America-By-Bicycle group as I join them mid-tour in Pocatello Idaho to pick-up where I left off in 2018. I’m eagerly looking forward to continuing the journey and sharing the adventure. Thanks for tuning in.


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