C2C Day 13 – Burley to Pocatello, ID

Another great day for a bicycle ride.  Come to think of it, every day is a good day for a ride – perhaps some days are just a bit better than others.

Cool enough for a light jacket this morning, even on the last day of June.  Winds were light, as was traffic on the farm roads and open cattle ranges we cycled through.  One lonely old stretch of highway was so open and peaceful, the ride transcended into a zen-like experience of being totally engulfed in the barren sage landscape.

I stopped at an interesting landmark called Register Rock.  Early pioneers who traversed this way carved their names and messages into a large boulder along the Oregon Trail. Sort of an 1850’s version of instagram or facebook.  The historic rock is smartly fenced off to prevent modern travelers (or cyclists) from registering their own messages.

More crossings of the slowly meandering Snake River highlighted the rest of the ride into the town of Pocatello – which marks the end of this year’s segment of my Coast-to-Coast bicycle adventure.  I hugged goodbye to my fellow cyclists and thanked the America-By-Bicycle staff for their awesome support.

Next year, my ride will start from here in Pocatello, Idaho and extend another two weeks and 1,088 miles to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


Tomorrow I load the bike on top of a car and drive back home with AJ and Jackie.  It’s been an incredible two week journey, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the daily blogs.


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