C2C Day 21 – Lusk WY to Hot Springs SD

Crossed into my 4th state today on this coast-to-coast bicycle journey: South Dakota. Great Faces, Great Places. Since we travel from west to east, our obligatory state line pictures are mostly backlit. So, Dark Faces, Bright Places might be a better catch phrase.

Today started off cloudy. Light rain tried to fall, but it mostly evaporated before making it to the ground. Just a few scattered wet miles that helped keep the road cool.

Approaching a bluff, I witnessed something I hadn’t seen in several days… a pine tree. And then a few more. Trees! Evidently, pine trees are able to survive in a few sheltered places on the Wyoming prairie. Enthralled, I pulled into an overlook to snap a picture and take in the view.

But then, the trees were gone – replaced by wide open fields and signs for Wall Drug. If you’ve been within a 500 mile radius of Wall Drug, then you’ve seen these signs. Saturation marketing at it’s finest. In a few more days, we actually have an overnight stay in the town of Wall. Given that our finishing temperature today was 96 degrees, I’m really looking forward to that free ice water at Wall Drug.

Tomorrow, we cycle through the Black Hills to see those famous South Dakota faces carved into Mount Rushmore. Looking forward to it.


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