C2C Day 20 – Casper to Lusk WY

106 desolate miles from Casper to Lusk. With a fairly strong headwind to boot. Today’s ride provided ample evidence for why Wyoming is the least populous state. And Lusk (population 1,543) happens to reside in the least populous county in Wyoming (Niobrara County).

A highlight of the day was passing through the town of Lost Springs, population 4. I counted two trucks parked at the town Bar – so it seems likely that at least half the town was in the bar when I rode through.

Oh, another highlight was the 3-Sisters truck stop. ‘If he’s lopen we’re open’ reads the sign – and the horse was indeed lopen, so I stopped in for a slice of rhubarb pie. Delicious! It provided a nice energy boost for the final 10 miles into Lusk.

And wouldn’t you know it, yet another highlight was awaiting in Lusk – the annual Rawhide Days Parade. Most of the town was in the parade, so our bicycling crew made up a vast majority of the parade viewers. If the rest of the folks from Lost Springs would have attended (those not at the bar), parade viewership would have noticeably increased. Cowboys, Indians, Fire Trucks, Tow Trucks, Flat Bed Trucks, and the town sheriff – your typical Wyoming summer parade. And for what it’s worth, the parade Indians seemed to be having way more fun than the parade Cowboys. I’m not sure what to make of that.

So, plenty of great highlights despite the desolation. Sometimes, the journey is what you make of it!


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