2022: Great Lakes Segment

It started with a barefoot wheel dip in the Pacific Ocean. Fort Stevens State Park, Near Astoria, Oregon in 2018. Pointing eastward, this clean-shaven, barefoot, and back-lit photo guy set out to cross the continent on a bicycle.

Fast-forward to 2022, and the 4th segment of this coast-to-coast journey is about to commence. Returning to last year’s finishing point of Milwaukee Wisconsin, the journey continues with a ferry crossing over Lake Michigan (and no, I will not be pedaling-in-place during the ferry ride, despite numerous suggestions!). From Muskegon, the plan is to ride along the western Michigan coast line to South Haven, the starting point of Michigan’s Lake-to-Lake trail, connecting Lake Michigan to Lake Huron.

A converted rail line, the Lake-to-Lake is mostly off-road, a safe and immensely enjoyable way to ride across what will be the seventh state thus far (following Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin). Then, from the southern tip of Lake Huron, the Blue Water Bridge will welcome us into Canada for an exploration of three more great lakes: Huron, Ontario, and Erie. The only Great Lake not on the itinerary is Superior. We will wrap up this Great Lakes segment by crossing the Peace Bridge into Buffalo, New York.

Stay tuned for words and images describing the 2022 segment of this cross continent adventure!

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