C2C Day 37 Milwaukee WI to Grand Haven MI

Welcome to Michigan

And so it begins… again. A 9:30 arrival in Muskegon Michigan on-board the Lake Express, after a 6am departure from Milwaukee. A strong south wind whipped up 5 foot swells atop Lake Michigan, swaying our morning ferry boat ride back and forth. Land-lubber passengers appreciated free Dramamine, while the vehicles one deck below appreciated a sturdy parking brake. Two wheels on solid ground felt amazingly stable.

Muskegon Beach Road

A breezy 20 mile warmup ride was the agenda for today, including a leisurely stroll through Pete Marquette Park where Jax broke out the paddleboard and added a windy Lake Michigan to her conquered bodies of water.

Pete Marquette Beach, Muskegon MI

A Low 70s day with high humidity and soggy roads, thanks to overnight storms from the previous night. Our prior two days of car travel from Denver to Milwaukee were ominously stormy, as heavy rain seemed to follow us from west to east. Darkening skies on this day seemed to be further taunting me.

Journeying Southward, the same wind that rocked the ferry boat was gaining intensity, to the tune of 15-20mph, turning today’s stroll into a headwind battle. Although the tree-lined coastal dunes provided some welcome shelter and swaying scenery.

Spring Lake, MI

Eventually, the winds unleashed some drenching thunderstorms. Thankfully, today’s ride was a short and I made it to our Grand Haven Holiday Inn before the skies unleashed. And as I write this blog from a warm and dry hotel room, the wind is dying and the skies are clearing. Maybe this really is a Grand Haven after all.

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  1. This is awesome Dan!!! John C. mentioned your site to us on our team check in Zoom meeting! I’ll be checking in to see where the road takes ya! 🙂


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