C2C Day 2 – St. Helens to Welches, OR

Today was a spiritual ride, in many ways.  I rolled through the city of my birth, Portland Oregon, and through the suburb of Gresham, where I spent the first two years of my life.  My Mom may have imagined I would return some day – but probably never imagined it would be on a bike.  As I cycled through town, I could picture a loving family with a wandering toddler taking his first steps here about 50 years ago.  I felt the spirit of my Dad smiling down on me with a sense of pride.

Along the way, after crossing St. John’s bridge and riding along the mighty Columbia river, the spectacle of Mt. Hood made a grand appearance.  Often shrouded in clouds or fog, Mt. Hood only shines when she wants to, and she was gracious enough to show off her splendor today.  Majestic and mystic.  A very spiritual and moving ride for me.

Tomorrow we climb over the shoulder of Mt. Hood into the Native American town of Kah-Nee-Ta… let’s hope the mountain continues to be a gracious host to this Oregon-born kid who is still wandering.


For more photos and a ride journal from the touring company I’m with, check out https://blog.americabybicycle.com/aan


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