C2C Day 3 – Welches to Kah-Nee-Ta, OR

Another epic day. Mt. Hood was in full glory today, showing off her glistening snow-capped peak.  The day started with a 14 mile, 2,500 ft. climb to Summit Ski Area and a small village called Government Camp.  According to wikipedia, the town was named in 1849 when U.S. Cavalry troops were forced to abandon wagons and supplies here.  Fortunately, our tour group had a full supply of water and energy food to re-fuel after our ascent over Barlow Pass (Elev. 3995 ft.).  We continued on past Mt. Hood into the Warm Springs Indian Reservation and the welcoming resort of Kah-Nee-Ta.

Every good cyclist has a great support team – before, during, and after rides.  And our tour support team (America By Bicycle) has been fabulous (for more on today’s ride, click here: https://blog.americabybicycle.com/aan/2018/6/20/day-3-welches-to-kah-nee-ta-or).  But my best support team is at home – Travis, Evan, A.J., and my beautiful wife Jackie.  Today (June 20) marks our 26th wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary Babes!  Thanks for encouraging me to take on this coast to coast challenge – and providing constant support and encouragement.

Here’s a flashback to last year (2017) and our 25th wedding anniversary, celebrated with our own personal bike tour of Niagara Falls and the nearby wine country of Canada:


That was an epic ride, for sure!

Tomorrow we head 65 miles from our high desert oasis of Kah-Nee-Ta to the farming valley of Prineville.

Till then,  ~Dan

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