C2C Day 6 – John Day to Baker City, OR

Yet another beautiful day today, and yet another beautiful ride.  Oregon has exceeded all expectations thus far.  A somewhat chilly start from John Day, in the low 50s, with overcast skies that kept the morning climbs cool.  Three good climbs today, with the elevation topping out 5,277 feet.  The engineers should have raised the road up a few more feet to get to a mile high.  I suppose my bike seat is about 3 feet off the ground… so maybe that qualifies.

After the first descent, we turned onto Oregon State Highway 7, which had very little traffic and afforded some friendly banter with fellow cyclists.  I enjoyed a nice 5 mile conversation with John from Australia (far right in picture) as we climbed to the top of Tipton Mountain.

The final 15 miles into Baker City were fought against a stiff headwind, but our motley group of 5 took turns at the helm and sliced our way into town.  We celebrated today’s triumph with a sandwich at AJ’s Corner Brick Bar and Grill on main street.  When we are off the bikes, we seem to spend a lot of time eating – I guess we need to need to keep refueling!

Tomorrow brings a Sunday ride down to Ontario – our last town in Oregon before we cross into Idaho on Monday.


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