C2C Day 5 – Prineville to John Day, OR

Five outlaws rolled through the sleepy town of Mitchell, Oregon today.  Riding steel horses and wearing funny looking spandex outfits.  The locals just stared and wondered what kind of mischief this bare-legged helmet-wearing posse was up to.  Word is they hail from all parts… Iowa, North Carolina, Colorado, and Canada, eh.  They didn’t seem interested in robbing the Mitchell bank, like past outlaws – probably because they didn’t have any pockets in those ridiculous shorts.  They didn’t seem interested in any supplies either, except for some water.  They rolled out as fast as they rolled in, travelling east, on to the next stage stop.

A long day in the saddle today, 116 miles.  With a couple of mountain passes thrown in for good measure.  Another beautiful day.  With a beautifully scenic ride through Ochoco National Forest in the morning, a nice descent through Bridge Creek canyon lands, and then a tail-wind assisted rumble alongside the John Day River.

Who is John Day, you might wonder?  A fur-trapper and expedition member, legend claims he was attacked by Indians at the mouth of the river that now bears his name.  He must have been an outstanding man because the valley, nearby fossil beds, two towns (John Day and Dayville), and a Best Western Hotel are named after him.  I’m just thankful that his hotel is here, otherwise I might still be cycling in search of a comfortable bed.

Tomorrow is an 81 mile ride through the Wallowa-Whitman National forest to Baker City, OR.  Adios for now,



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