C2C Day 10 – Boise to Mountain Home, ID

I tried.  I tried really hard.  I carefully scanned the horizon in all directions.  Despite the heroic effort, I was unable to see the ocean from the famed ‘Ocean View’ lane in Idaho.  If one were to google all the Ocean View Lanes in America, this one would probably be last on the list.  Later on, I would pass by Sea Breeze Avenue, where I did feel a breeze – but sorely lacking in humidity or salinity.  Even the ambitious town name of Mountain Home is a bit of a stretch.  The warm dry weather might be making folks a bit loopy around here… all in good fun.

It might sound a bit odd to many folks, but today was an ‘easy 56 mile ride’.  With rested legs from a day off, the miles rolled right on by as we left the shaded bikes paths along the Boise River for the wide open prairie of central Idaho.

As you might imagine, dinners for 40 hungry cyclists can be challenging for some of the small towns we stay in.  Advance notice helps, especially for the places that accommodate the tour from year to year.  AJ’s pulled it off very nicely today with a full salad bar, choice of several entrees, and of course, a superb Idaho baked potato.

img_0473 Great name for a restaurant, as my son AJ would probably concur.

Tomorrow will present a more difficult challenge – 97 miles to Twin Falls.  Word is that there are actual water falls in the area… we shall see about that.


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